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Here you will find a selection of scientific publications (co-)written by researchers of the WODC. This includes contributions in important scientific periodicals, often peer-reviewed. These publications are written in a personal capacity. Articles from before 2017 can be found in our archive of scientific articles.

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Dealing with dangerous offenders in Europe: a Comparative Study of Provisions in England and Wales, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden

M.H. Nagtegaal, & M.J.F. van der Wolf

Organized Financial Cybercrime: Criminal Cooperation, Logistic Bottlenecks, and Money Flows

E.R. Leukfeldt, E.W. Kruisbergen, E.R. Kleemans & R.A. Roks

Criminal networks in a digitised world: on the nexus of borderless opportunities and local embeddedness

E.R. Leukfeldt, E.R. Kleemans, E.W. Kruisbergen & R.A. Roks

The drop in juvenile delinquency in The Netherlands: changes in exposure to risk and protection

A.M. van der Laan, J.J. Rokven, G. Weijters & M.G.C.J. Beerthuizen

'I just wanted to be safe’. Agency and decision-making among unaccompanied minor asylum seekers

I. Kulu-Glasgow, S. Noyon & M. Smit

Unaccompanied children: from migration to integration

I. Kulu-Glasgow, M. Smit and I. Sirkeci (eds.)

Money talks: Money Laundering Choices of Organized Crime Offenders in a Digital Age

E.W. Kruisbergen, E.R. Leukfeldt, E.R. Kleemans & R.A. Roks

Crafting Privacy: Two Case Studies Integrating Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Privacy in Design

M. Harbers, M.S. Bargh, F. Cramer, S. Choenni, J. Nijkamp & A. Nigten

The relationship between maladaptive appraisals and posttraumatic stress disorder: A meta-analysis

G. Gómez de La Cuesta, S. Schweizer, J. Diehle, J. Young & R. Meiser-Stedman

The forensic confirmation bias: A comparison between experts and novices

C.A.J. van den Eeden, C.J. de Poot & P.J. van Koppen