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Here you will find a selection of scientific publications (co-)written by researchers of the WODC. This includes contributions in important scientific periodicals, often peer-reviewed. These publications are written in a personal capacity. Articles from before 2017 can be found in our archive of scientific articles.

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  1. Individual cybercrime offenders

    M. Weulen Kranenbarg, A.M. van der Laan, C. de Poot, M. Verhoeven, W. van der Wagen & G. Weijters

  2. The effectiveness of a cognitive skills training program for adult offenders

    S. Verweij, B.S.J. Wartna, N. Tollenaar & M.G.C.J. Beerthuizen

  3. Between Visibility and Invisibility: Sex Workers and Informal Services in Amsterdam

    M. Verhoeven & B. van Gestel

  4. Sex Work Realities Versus Government Policies: Meanings of Anti-trafficking Initiatives for Sex Workers in the Netherlands

    M.A. Verhoeven

  5. Not just any job will do: A study on employment characteristics andrecidivism risks after release

    A. Ramakers, P. Nieuwbeerta, J. van Wilsem & A. Dirkzwager

  6. Exploiting big data for evaluation studies

    N. Netten, S. Choenni, M.S. Bargh & R. Meijer

  7. What drives 'soft deportation'? Understanding the rise of Assisted Voluntary Return in the Netherlands

    A. Leerkes, R. van Os & E. Boersema

  8. Pressured into a Preference to Leave? A Study on the “Specific” Deterrent Effects and Perceived Legitimacy of Immigration Detention

    A. Leerkes & M. Kox

  9. For love or for papers? Sham marriages among Turkish (potential) migrants and gender implications

    I. Kulu-Glasgow, M. Smit & R.P.W. Jennissen

  10. When other methods fail... Infiltrating organized crime groups in the Netherlands

    E.W. Kruisbergen