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Here you will find a selection of scientific publications (co-)written by researchers of the WODC. This includes contributions in important scientific periodicals, often peer-reviewed. These publications are written in a personal capacity. Articles from before 2017 can be found in our archive of scientific articles.

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Changing Patterns of Ghanaian Migration

D. Schans, V. Mazzucato, B. Schoumaker & M.L. Flahaux

Juvenile delinquency in the virtual world: Similarities and differences between cyber-enabled, cyber-dependent and offline delinquents in the Netherlands

J.J. Rokven, G. Weijters, M.G.J.C. Beerthuizen & A.M. van der Laan

Legal Logistics: A Framework to Unify Data Centric Services for Smart and Open Justice

N. Netten, S.W. van den Braak, M. Shoae Bargh, S. Choenni & F.L. Leeuw

Exploiting Data Analytics for Social Services: On Searching for Profiles of Unlawful Use of Social Benefits

N. Netten, M. Shoae Bargh & S. Choenni

Migrant families between Africa and Europe: Comparing Ghanaian, Congolese and Senegalese migration flows

V. Mazzucato, D. Schans, K. Caarls & C. Beauchemin

The relation between religiosity and Muslims’ social integration: A two-wave study of recent immigrants in three European countries

M. Maliepaard & D. Schacht

The Dutch battle for highly skilled migrants: policy, implementation and the role of social networks

I. Kulu-Glasgow, D. Schans & M. Smit

A Conceptual Framework for Addressing IoT Threats: Challenges in Meeting Challenges

M. Harbers, M. Shoae Bargh, R. Pool, J. van Berkel, S. van den Braak, & S. Choenni

Solving the puzzle: The effects of contextual information and feedback on the interpretation of a crime scene

C.A.J. van den Eeden, J. Ost, C.J. de Poot & P.J. van Koppen

Processing crime scenes: Psychological influences on forensic inferences

C.A.J. van Eeden