Statistics and monitoring

The WODC issues periodic reports that provide insight into trends and developments. Police statistics, data from the Public Prosecution Service, Statistics Netherlands, the Council for the Judiciary, and others are used for this. The figures collected and the analyses facilitate the forecasting of requirements in the judicial system for example, or the developments in the field of crime and law enforcement.

Juvenile Crime Monitor (JCM)

The juvenile crime monitor (JCM) describes trends and developments in juvenile crime focusing on individuals between the ages of 12 to 23. The JCM is a collaborative effort between the Scientific Research and Data Centre (‘WODC’) and Statistics Netherlands (‘CBS’). It utilizes registered data from police, prosecutorial, and judicial sources, as well as self-report data derived from a national Youth Delinquency Survey YDS).

The results of the JCM are summarized on this website.

Forecasts of the Dutch Justice Chains

The WODC uses models to formulate annual estimates about the various types of crime, the number of criminal proceedings with the Judiciary and the number of sanctions to be imposed as well as forecasts for civil and administrative law.

Organized Crime Monitor

Information about, among other things, combating the (cross-border) drugs trade, human smuggling, human trafficking, arms trade, fraud and money laundering can be found in the Organized Crime Monitor.

Recidivism Monitor

The Recidivism Monitor is a long-term research project in which periodic, standardized recidivism measurements are taken amongst various groups of convicted criminals. It provides insight into the criminal careers of both adults and young people.