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  1. Highest Dutch courts have not as yet heard any cases in which European Court’s advisory opinions might be of use

    Protocol 16 to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) took effect for the Netherlands on 1 June 2019. Under the Protocol, ...

    News item | 18-04-2024 | 09:21

  2. Juvenile crime monitor now also available in English

    As of this week the information about the juvenile crime monitor (JCM) is also available on the English website of the Scientific ...

    News item | 26-02-2024 | 10:48

  3. Pointers for measuring the outcomes of police work

    The police are funded by public money, which is why they, like other public organisations, are held accountable for their ...

    News item | 21-11-2023 | 11:30

  4. Lessons from abroad regarding the use of hacking tools in the Netherlands

    Earlier studies showed bottlenecks exist in the implementation of hacking power in the Netherlands, such as the inspection of ...

    News item | 03-10-2023 | 13:48

  5. Polling people, or polling ChatGPT?

    To determine whether stereotypical believes are prevalent in society previously required intensive polling and research ...

    News item | 28-09-2023 | 11:24

  6. Image of North African unaccompanied minors is too one-sided

    There is a group of unaccompanied minors (UMs) that leads a nomadic life in Europe and has a variety of problems. These minors in ...

    News item | 07-09-2023 | 11:47

  7. Readmission agreements contribute little to migrant return

    Not all migrants who come to Europe are allowed to stay. However, a substantial group with no right of residence does not return. ...

    News item | 25-10-2022 | 14:48

  8. Real estate main money-laundering risk for the Caribbean Netherlands

    Money laundering via the real estate/realty sector is the largest money-laundering risk on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba, ...

    News item | 21-10-2021 | 15:20

  9. Adult participants in ESF-funded reintegration programmes more likely to have found employment; no improvement in the position of juveniles

    Adult participants in modules funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) that aim to enlarge labour market opportunities of both ...

    News item | 10-05-2021 | 11:58

  10. New website and repository

    As of December 2020 this website has been completely renewed. There is a new look, a new format and all of the information is ...

    News item | 17-02-2021 | 10:06

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