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Non-tolerated cannabis dealers in ten Dutch cities

The project was set up to provide information on the percentage and nature of non-tolerated points of sale of cannabis in the...

Research with publication | 10-06-2005

Process evaluation of the Court-ordered treatment of drug-dependent offenders

This is the process evaluation of the Compulsory Treatment of Drug-Dependent Offenders Act [Wet SOV], which relates to the...

Research with publication | 03-06-2005

Evaluation of the pilot projects on judicial addiction care in the Dutch prison system

The pilot projects called Integral Chain Care, Front Door and Comorbidity are part of the Judicial Addiction Care...

Research with publication | 20-05-2005

Socially vulnerable groups

Publication | 30-08-2001

Effectiveness of correctional treatment; A literature survey

This study surveys available literature to establish the proven or probable characteristics which penal interventions must...

Publication | 01-01-2001

Involuntary admission of drug-addicted offenders into therapeutic institutions

The reason for this literature survey was the submission of the bill Criminal Reception Addicts (SOV). The bill addresses a...

Publication | 01-09-1998

Women in detention

In this report the results are given of a research in three penal institutions for women. How do they experience their...

Publication | 27-11-1989

Studies on the Dutch prison system

The series ‘Dutch studies on Crime and Justice’ is meant to meet this need for wider distribution. The series will consist of...

Publication | 01-01-1987

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