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Dutch prisoners in foreign detention

The number of Dutch prisoners in foreign detention is high, compaired to other countries. This number has risen in recent...

Research with publication | 02-07-2008

Cannabis cultivation in the Netherlands

This research is focussed on the production process and the organisation of cannabis cultivation. Also attention is paid to...

Research with publication | 12-11-2007

Intelligence-led investigations into organised crime; (full text available only in Dutch)

This study analyses how the concept of 'intelligence-led investigation' works in practice. To this end the authors analyse...

Research with publication | 15-06-2007

A combined effort to combat XTC; Final evaluation of the XTC policy document

The first section of this report present the problem definition for the evaluation, and also discuss the policy theory...

Research with publication | 05-06-2007

Drug situation 2006 - the Netherlands; Report to the EMCDDA

Each year, national centres of expertise in the member states of the European Union (Focal points) draw up a report on the...

Research with publication | 08-05-2007

The Dutch Cocaine Trade: Impressions of Participants in Drug Distribution Chains

The research questions for the whole project are: Which structures and methods of working characterize the distribution...

Research | 08-05-2007

Hektor in 2005; evaluation of the tackling of drug problems and drug-related crime in Venlo

For years the city of Venlo is dealing with a considerable amount of drug nuisance. The nuisance is largely caused by German...

Research with publication | 16-01-2007

Modeling the world heroin market : assessing the consequences of changes in Afghanistan production (project summary)

This document (16 pages) describes the project objectives and methods and summarizes its key findings. A book presenting in...

Research with publication | 15-06-2006

Evaluation Provision of Medicine Act concerning the unauthorised production and illegal trade of doping substances

Evaluation of the amendment of the Provision of Medicines Act [Wet op de geneesmiddelenvoorziening] and the Economic Offences...

Research with publication | 02-12-2005

The Hektor-program in Venlo; evaluation of the three-track policy to tackle drug problems 2001-2004

Venlo is a town that is situated near the border of the Netherlands and has to deal with a considerable amount of drug...

Research with publication | 02-09-2005

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