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The referral term "Foreign juveniles" is replaced with "Ethnic groups of juveniles".
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Unlawful residence in the Netherlands; A review of the literature

The research questions are as follows:  What is known from literature about the numbers and backgrounds of illegal residents...

Research with publication | 23-05-2008

Relations between students of different ethnic background in secondary education

This study comprises an inventory and analysis of scientific texts. The texts concern the reporting of empirical research of...

Research with publication | 28-04-2008

Justice and demographics: on declining percentage of youth, ageing and colouring; Changes in the population make-up and consequences for Justice

On 11 May 2006, the WODC and the NIDI organised a joint congress dealing extensively with issues surrounding the relationship...

Research with publication | 18-09-2007

Frequent Offenders Monitor; Mapping out juvenile and extremely active, adult frequent offenders

This report provides an insight into the backgrounds of registred very active frequent offenders, both adults and juveniles....

Research with publication | 17-08-2007

Differences in nature and scope of recorded crime between various ethnic groups residing in the Netherlands

The following questions are answered in this study: 1. To what degree are the various ethnic groups represented in the...

Research with publication | 29-06-2007

Unaccompanied underage asylum seekers: repatriation and departure for unknown destinations; national policy and local practice

The general research question was this: What is the frequency of occurrence of repatriation to the country of origin and...

Research with publication | 15-09-2006

Towards an evaluation of convenants for antillian at-risk youngsters 2005-2008

In 2004, a memorandum on Antillean young people at risk was submitted to the Lower House. € 20 million is available for the...

Research with publication | 03-02-2006

Solitary underage asylum seekers in the Netherlands

During the period between 1998 and 2000, the influx of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers into the Netherlands almost doubled...

Research with publication | 10-10-2003

Minor Antillian immigrants with or without supervision of a guardian

Research with publication | 11-07-2003

Crime among juveniles and young adults in new ethnic groups

The question addressed in this study is: Are there ethnic groups, excluding the 'big four' (Surinamese, Antillians &...

Research with publication | 16-05-2003

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