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The referral term "Ethnic minorities" is replaced with "Ethnic groups".
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The Dutch Caribbean; (full text available only in Dutch)

The Kingdom of the Netherlands comprising three countries - the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles, and Aruba - wil be...

Publication | 12-08-2009

Building inclusion; Housing and integration of ethnic minorities in the Netherlands

This report traces the migration and housing histories of immigrants and their children since World War II. Central issues in...

Research with publication | 10-08-2009

Hidden worlds; boys, abuse and prostitution

Boys who are victims of sexual abuse and boys who work in prostitution are groups that remain largely hidden from the public...

Research with publication | 08-05-2009

Games of chance in other cultures; A study of problem gambling in immigrant communities in the Netherlands

There were four research questions in the study: 1. What is the prevalence of problem gambling among Surinamese,...

Research with publication | 20-06-2008

Applying double standards?; Discrepancies between immigrant pupils' grades in school-based and national examinations in Dutch Secondary Education

Research with publication | 16-06-2008

Relations between students of different ethnic background in secondary education

This study comprises an inventory and analysis of scientific texts. The texts concern the reporting of empirical research of...

Research with publication | 28-04-2008

Needs of crime victims; Systematic review of empirical research into the self expressed needs of victims (full text available only in Dutch)

The research questions are: What needs do victims of crime have, as shown by empirical research?What general needs are there...

Research with publication | 11-01-2008

Domestic violence and country of origin; A preliminary study into the incidence of domestic violence and perpertrators and victims of foreign origin

This study is intended to contribute to the discussion on whether the registration of country of birth of (grand)parents of...

Research with publication | 23-11-2007

Differences in nature and scope of recorded crime between various ethnic groups residing in the Netherlands

The following questions are answered in this study: 1. To what degree are the various ethnic groups represented in the...

Research with publication | 29-06-2007

Status and progress of the Integration Monitor ; Een theoretische verdieping en een thematische verbreding van de Integratiekaart 2006

The Integration Monitor gives an overview of the posititon of ethnic minorities in different social areas, and of the...

Research with publication | 24-05-2007

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