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Arrangements made with regard to children involved in the termination of informal relationships

The purpose of this research is to provide comparative information for use in further discussions concerning whether the...

Research with publication | 22-01-2007

Juvenile delinquency: risks and protective factors; findings of the WODC Youth Delinquency Survey 2005

The following questions are the core of this study: 1. What is the prevalence and frequency of self-reported delinquency...

Research with publication | 17-11-2006

Unaccompanied underage asylum seekers: repatriation and departure for unknown destinations; national policy and local practice

The general research question was this: What is the frequency of occurrence of repatriation to the country of origin and...

Research with publication | 15-09-2006

Antisocial behavior among children under twelve

This study provides an answer to the following research questions: what is the prevalence of anti-social behaviour amongst...

Research with publication | 08-05-2006

Images of children

Today’s children are regarded as articulate and are taken seriously. Their opinions count. Industry provides an incessant...

Publication | 27-07-2005

Children below 12 with a first police contact in the Netherlands : pilot study of relevant socio-demographic, psychiatric, psychological, and crime-related factors

Research with publication | 14-01-2005

Implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in the Dutch case law

Research with publication | 16-05-2003


Research with publication | 17-01-2003

The effect of manualized behavior therapy with disruptive behavior disordered children in everyday clinical practice; A randomized clinical trial

This thesis starts with a review of effective psychotherapeutic treatments of school-aged children with Disruptive Behavior...

Research with publication | 11-04-2002

Prosecution in juvenile criminal cases

The aim of this research memorandum is to provide an insight into the application of, and experiences with, the sentencing...

Publication | 01-11-2000

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