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Sharia in the Netherlands; a study of Islamic counselling and conflict resolution among Muslims in the Netherlands (full text available only in Dutch)

The main question of this research is: does sharia based conflict resolution have place in the Netherlands, to what extent...

Research with publication | 23-04-2010

Islamic and extreme right-wing radicalisation in the Netherlands; (full text available only in Dutch)

The aim of the study is to offer a comparative analysis of the relevant insights provided the literature on both types of...

Research with publication | 08-03-2010

Informal marriages in the Netherlands; an explorative research (full text available only in Dutch)

Dutch law only recognizes civil marriage. This report describes the results of the explorative research on the existence of...

Research with publication | 02-09-2009

Honour related crime in Great-Britain, Germany and Turkey; A survey of information on the nature, scale and approach

This report does not provide an overview of approach that have been found to be effective, but offers a state of the art...

Research with publication | 04-06-2007

Five years after Fortuyn

What was the influence of (the murder of) politician Pim Fortuyn on the Dutch society?

Publication | 05-04-2007

Religion and basic rights

This themed issue focuses on the influence of religion in the public domain. Examples include the relationships between...

Publication | 21-02-2007

Blasphemy, religion-related discriminatory speech, and hate speech; an inventory

After the murder of Theo van Gogh (November 2, 2004) the Dutch minister of Justice announced that a possible extension of the...

Research with publication | 15-12-2006

Radicalisation and Jihad

The bombings in Madrid and the murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam last year put radical Islam at the top of...

Publication | 16-03-2005

Admission of aliens to the Netherlands for religious purposes : policy and practice before and after the Aliens Act 2000

Research with publication | 17-09-2004


Publication | 30-11-2000

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