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Victim-offender mediation for juveniles in the Netherlands; evaluation of six pilot projects

At the end of the nineties several projects for juvenile restorative justice were started up in the Netherlands. In this...

Research with publication | 21-07-2006

Informal reorganisation in the Netherlands

This survey is primarily concerned with the practical shape taken by informal reorganisations in the Netherlands. An informal...

Research with publication | 27-08-2004

Paths to justice in the Netherlands

This is a report of a survey among Dutch citizens into their experience with problems which might have a legal solution...

Research with publication | 14-05-2004


Publication | 30-11-2003

Room for mediation; Evaluation of a court-based project and a project concerning the referral of clients by the legal aid service

The central questions of the evaluation study are: what results are being achieved with mediation in the judicial...

Research with publication | 17-10-2003

The practice of mediation in eleven countries neighbouring the Netherlands

The purpose of this study was to gain an insight into the practice of applying mediation in the field of administrative and...

Research with publication | 11-07-2003

Foreign statutory regulations for alternative dispute resolution in copyright matters

Research with publication | 06-12-2002

Desirability of alternative dispute resolution in the field of copy rights and neighbouring rights

Research with publication | 06-12-2002

Evaluation victim-offender mediation

Research with publication | 06-12-2002

Mediation in civil and administrative cases

The purpose of this study is to gain an overview of forms of mediation for civil and administrative cases both in the...

Research with publication | 20-09-2002

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