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Problems and care needs of ISD-subjects; final report

The Act introducing the Institution for Repeat Offenders Committal Order (ISD-order) took effect on 1 October 2004. The three...

Research with publication | 07-04-2009

Enactment of the Institution for Repeat Offenders Committal Order (ISD-order); a process evaluation

The Act introducing the institution for Repeat Offenders Committal Order (ISD-Order) took effect on 1 October 2004. Committal...

Research with publication | 27-02-2009

Behavior reports and consultation in the adult criminal justice system

This study was carried out to examine the way in which consultation takes place in the adult criminal justice system with...

Research with publication | 23-01-2009

Special places for juvenile frequent offenders: how and where to?; A study on the intervention programmes for juvenile frequent offenders in youth correctional institutions and how follow-up activities relate to these programmes

The research focuses on the following questions: How many juvenile frequent offenders in the 31 most populated cites have...

Research with publication | 14-12-2007

Effect evaluation of the Rehabilitation of Drug-addicted Offenders Act (SOV)

The Rehabilitation of Drug-Addicted Offenders Act (SOV) was launched on 1 April 2001. This law permitted the compulsory...

Research with publication | 06-07-2007

First inventory of the presumed surplus value of the ISD-measure (Institution for repeat offenders) in comparison to the former SOV-measure (Court-ordered treatment of drug-dependent offenders)

For this research, the policy presumptions behind both measures have been recovered. Additionally talks were held with the...

Research with publication | 24-04-2007

Local multiple offender approach : the judicial chain

The intensive approach of (very active) multiple offenders has been given a pivotal role in the government's plans to ensure...

Research with publication | 01-09-2006

QCT Europe: Final report: Constructing, producing and analysing the qualitative evidence + Final report on quantitative evaluation

The focus of these reports is to understand how court ordered treatments work. Much emphasis was placed upon what was seen as...

Research with publication | 05-07-2006

Process evaluation of the Court-ordered treatment of drug-dependent offenders

This is the process evaluation of the Compulsory Treatment of Drug-Dependent Offenders Act [Wet SOV], which relates to the...

Research with publication | 03-06-2005

A prototype of a generally applicable cost-benefit analysis computation model for the economic assessment of judicial interventions

Research with publication | 07-03-2005

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