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The referral term "Sanction" is replaced with "Punishment".
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Deterrence and general prevention; (full text available only in Dutch)

Publication | 08-04-2008

National Drug Monitor; Drug-related crime 1999-2004

This is a summary of the most important results of the National Drug Monitor. What is the rate of drug-related crime in the...

Publication | 09-11-2006

Community Service Orders : success guaranteed? Success and failure factors of community service orders for adults

This report examines the factors that may possibly influence whether or not adults succesfully complete the community service...

Research with publication | 07-10-2005

Judicial approach of the truancy problem

Research with publication | 03-09-2004

The jurisdiction of single judge divisions in criminal proceedings

The research addresses two questions: 1. How many of what types of cases would be heard by single-judge divisions, if their...

Research with publication | 17-10-2003

Parental violence in the upbringing of children : legal standards in four European countries

Research with publication | 16-05-2003

Effectiveness of correctional treatment; A follow-up

This literature survey follows the literature survey 'Effectivity of sanctions; building blocks for an assessment framework'....

Publication | 01-03-2001

Effectiveness of correctional treatment; A literature survey

This study surveys available literature to establish the proven or probable characteristics which penal interventions must...

Publication | 01-01-2001

Average length and volume of unconditional custodial sanctions 1985-1995

Publication | 01-01-1998

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