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Domestic violence in the Netherlands; Comprehensive synthesis report on the study of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and the capture-recapture method 2007-2010 (full text available only in Dutch)

In this comprehensive report, the most important results of the three partial studies of domestic violence have been...

Research with publication | 14-01-2011

Victims of domestic violence in the Netherlands; (full text available only in Dutch)

The survey looked in detail at which types of domestic violence victims are faced with, the attributes that can be used to...

Research with publication | 14-01-2011

The oral victim impact statement in The Netherlands; (full text available only in Dutch)

In 2005 the right to deliver an oral Victim Impact Statement in court was introduced in the Netherlands. The study's central...

Research with publication | 29-10-2010

Never the same again; the consequences of crime for victims

This study aims to gain a clearer picture of the consequences of crime on victims and their families in order to be able to...

Research with publication | 11-02-2009

Victims and liability; affectionate damage

This is the second study 'Victims and liability'. The aim of this report is to formulate answers to a number of questions in...

Research with publication | 23-01-2009

Aggression and violence, posttraumatic stress and absenteeism in penitentiaries

The aim of the Judicial Penitentiary Service (DJI) is to gain insight into the possible effects of aggression and violence...

Publication | 18-03-2008

Agression and violence between employees and employees and supervisors

This partial report looks into mutual aggression and violence (OAG) among colleagues and supervisors in penitentiary...

Research with publication | 26-02-2008

Victims and liability; Results of a preliminary study

This research is aimed to gain insight into the needs, expectations and experiences of victims, their relatives, and bereaved...

Research with publication | 28-06-2007

Victimology, victims and society

Victimology has developed internationally into an autonomous discipline with its own manuals and scientific magazines. Victim...

Publication | 21-05-2007

Pupils on abuse; results of a nation-wide study of prevalence and incidence of child abuse and neglect

This study focuses on the prevalence of child abuse, that is to say, the number of individuals who have been abused at one...

Research with publication | 25-04-2007

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