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The judge as chain partner

This themed issue highlights the objections or arguments that may be voiced by partners in the administration of justice,...

Publication | 24-09-2007

Non-judicial activities of the Judiciary

What non-judicial activities are carried out by de Judiciary, for what reason, how much time is involved in the execution of...

Research with publication | 21-04-2006

International comparative study on allocation of cases to and within courts (part 1 and 2)

This international comparative study was set up to make an inventory of ways to manage case assignment between and within...

Research with publication | 24-09-2004

The jurisdiction of single judge divisions in criminal proceedings

The research addresses two questions: 1. How many of what types of cases would be heard by single-judge divisions, if their...

Research with publication | 17-10-2003

The judge and society

Publication | 28-02-2003

Doubts about judicial impartiality

Research with publication | 20-09-2002

First phase of the evaluation research on the Preliminary Judicial Investigation Revision Act

The study concerns an initial exploratory phase of the evaluation of the Preliminary Judicial Investigation (Review) Act,...

Research with publication | 13-03-2002

Judges' additional jobs

The problem definition of this research is: what is the nature and scope of the (combined) jobs held by judges and deputy...

Publication | 01-01-2001

The recruitment and training systems for the judiciary in five countries; An international exploratory study

This literature survey aims to obtain an insight into the various forms of recruitment and training for the judiciary,...

Publication | 01-11-2000

A comparative study of the role played by the public prosecutor and the examining judge in the pre-trial investigation phase of French and Dutch criminal procedure

This is the first (interim) report in the WODC study into the role of the Public Prosecutor and the examining judge in the...

Publication | 01-05-2000

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