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Illegal uncaccompanied minor aliens; (full text available only in Dutch)

The starting point of this research is the lack of knowledge on the living conditions and considerations of undocumented...

Research with publication | 10-09-2010

The lesser of two evils; factors determining the intentions to stay or to repatriate among asylum migrants who have or will soon have exhausted all legal remedies (full text available only in Dutch)

In this study, the presumed determinants of independent return among asylum migrants who have exhausted all legal remedies...

Research with publication | 07-05-2010

Unlawful residence in the Netherlands; A review of the literature

The research questions are as follows:  What is known from literature about the numbers and backgrounds of illegal residents...

Research with publication | 23-05-2008

Undesirable aliens detained under a hospital order (TBS-measure)

There are a number of foreign detainees who were declared undesirable aliens pursuant article 67 of the Aliens Act after a...

Research with publication | 04-04-2008

Position of victims of human trafficking in the Netherlands; First trend report

This is the first evaluation of the position of victims of human trafficking. The Monitor Trafficking in Human Beings focuses...

Research with publication | 23-11-2007

Evaluation of lifting the ban on brothels; illegal prostitution

In 2000 the ban on brothels was lifted. This study is concerned with the current situation in the prostitution sector, with a...

Research with publication | 13-04-2007

An estimate of the number of illegal aliens residing in the Netherlands in 2005

This report presents an estimate of the number of foreign nationals unlawfully residing in the Netherlands during the period...

Research with publication | 27-10-2006

Unaccompanied underage asylum seekers: repatriation and departure for unknown destinations; national policy and local practice

The general research question was this: What is the frequency of occurrence of repatriation to the country of origin and...

Research with publication | 15-09-2006

Estimation methods for sizing hidden populations, specifically the illegal migrant population

This report gives an overview of methods that can generally be used to make inferences about the size of hidden populations....

Research with publication | 10-08-2006

Ethnic Diversification and Crime

Publication | 30-03-2001

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