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Four police strategies against petty crimes; effectivity and positive mechanisms (full text available only in Dutch)

This report reviews empirical evidence for the effectiveness of four police strategies as well as the conditions under which...

Research with publication | 17-07-2013

The validity of the preference profiles used for evaluating impacts in the Dutch National Risk Assessment

This report summarises the results of the assessment of the validity of the preference profiles used in the National Risk...

Research with publication | 06-12-2012

Second measurement of the nature and extent of gambling in the Netherlands; (full text available only in Dutch)

This report describes a research done in 2011 into the nature and extent of gambling, gambling addiction and Dutch prevention...

Research with publication | 22-03-2012

Function creep and privacy; (full text available only in Dutch)

The phenomenon called 'function creep' is the process whereby new functions are added to systems that are basically intended...

Publication | 29-12-2011

An analytical instrument to improve decision-making on measures against criminality and nuisance

Research with publication | 20-04-2009

Evaluation 'Justitice in the Neighbourhood' - new style

This report contains the results of a reconstrucion of the policy theory and a process evaluation of the 'Veiligheidshuizen',...

Research with publication | 20-03-2009

Wired to more than a game; a study on the nature and extent of problem gambling in the Netherlands

This report deals with the nature and extent of gambling addiction, gambling policy and the prevention of gambling addiction....

Research with publication | 14-10-2005

The new culture of safety

This themed issue in Judicial Explorations on ‘the new culture of safety’ differs  slightly in character from the usual...

Publication | 03-11-2004

The future of crime control

Publication | 30-05-2002

Criminal Justice and Social Policy

Publication | 01-01-2002

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