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The referral term "Sanction" is replaced with "Punishment".
You searched for web pages: "Punishment" and/or "Death penalty" and/or "Financial penalty" and/or "Disfranchisement" and/or "Banishment" and/or "Corporal punishment" and/or "Prison sentence" and/or "Community service order" and/or "Disqualification from driving"

Frequent offender monitor 2016; Transition from the old to the new definition of very frequent offender (full text only available in Dutch)

In the Netherlands, the very frequent adult offender (VFO) is an important target group for judicial policy. Since 2005, the...

Research with publication | 13-06-2016

Determinants of the prison population rate in the Caribbean Netherlands; (full text only available in Dutch)

This report describes the results of a research on the determinants of the prison population rate in the Caribbean...

Research with publication | 01-02-2016

Evaluation of the reoffending scheme for serious traffic offences; (full text only available in Dutch)

As of 1 June 2011, drivers may also be subject to the reoffending scheme for serious traffic offences (hereafter referred to...

Research with publication | 09-11-2015

Recidivism following probation or a community service order; Overview of the relapse into crime of adult offenders dealt with by the Dutch Probation Services in 2002-2009 (full text only available in Dutch)

The three Dutch distinct probation organizations employ community service orders and supervise individuals serving suspended...

Research with publication | 22-04-2014

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of criminal law; a comparative law perspective (full text available only in Dutch)

This research focuses on the statutory provisions in four countries in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of...

Research with publication | 05-01-2012

Judged by the general population; a study of sentencing preferences in the Netherlands (full text available only in Dutch)

Given the opportunity, how would the Dutch public sentence perpetrators of different types of crime? To what extent are these...

Research with publication | 21-10-2011

Reflections on punishment; (full text available only in Dutch)

Contains articles on the status of the death penalty in the western society, expulsion from office or profession,...

Publication | 24-02-2011

The jurisdiction of single-judge sections in criminal cases is expanded; statistical data and experiences of the legal practice (full text available only in Dutch)

Pursuent to the Act of 4 July 2002, the maximum penalty that may be imposed by a police court judge has been increased from...

Research with publication | 31-05-2010

Expulsion from a profession or removal from office; (full text available only in Dutch)

The central question of this study is: Which considerations are involved for the public prosecutor when demanding, and for...

Research with publication | 22-01-2010

Expension of the Recidivist Regulation for serious traffic offences; (full text available only in Dutch)

By Law of the 24th of October 2008 a legal base has been embedded in the Dutch Road Traffic Act 1994 for a Recidivist...

Research with publication | 09-12-2009

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