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To Behave or not to Behave?; Evaluation of the programme 'Behave' for pupils of the lower classes of secondary school (full text available only in Dutch)

This is an evaluation of the process and the effects of the programme 'Behave', an intervention programme for pupils of the...

Research with publication | 16-07-2010

Peer mediation on primary and secondary schools

Peer mediation at schools is a structured process in which pupils act as neutral third parties and offer support to their...

Research with publication | 02-09-2008

Applying double standards?; Discrepancies between immigrant pupils' grades in school-based and national examinations in Dutch Secondary Education

Research with publication | 16-06-2008

Relations between students of different ethnic background in secondary education

This study comprises an inventory and analysis of scientific texts. The texts concern the reporting of empirical research of...

Research with publication | 28-04-2008

Evaluation of the effectivity of judicial interventions aimed at unauthorized absence from school

To determine the extent to which judicial interventions aimed at combating truancy in secondary education are effective, so...

Research with publication | 24-08-2007

Pupils on abuse; results of a nation-wide study of prevalence and incidence of child abuse and neglect

This study focuses on the prevalence of child abuse, that is to say, the number of individuals who have been abused at one...

Research with publication | 25-04-2007

Truants and school dropouts

Truancy and school dropouts present a rather substantial problem in the Netherlands. In 2004/2005 there were 57,000 school...

Publication | 21-09-2006

Antisocial behavior among children under twelve

This study provides an answer to the following research questions: what is the prevalence of anti-social behaviour amongst...

Research with publication | 08-05-2006

The effect of manualized behavior therapy with disruptive behavior disordered children in everyday clinical practice; A randomized clinical trial

This thesis starts with a review of effective psychotherapeutic treatments of school-aged children with Disruptive Behavior...

Research with publication | 11-04-2002

Developments in youth violence

Publication | 28-02-2000

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