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Doing gender identity justice; Evaluation of three years transgender legislation in the Netherlands 2014 - 2017 (full text only available in Dutch)

The central research question of this evaluation was: To what extent does the law of the 1 st of July 2014 comply with the...

Research with publication | 18-01-2018

Evaluation of the Dutch Register of Court Experts; (full text only available in Dutch)

The central research question of this evaluation is: How does the Dutch Register of Court Experts (NRGD) function and to...

Research with publication | 08-04-2015

No uniforms, but specialists - involvement of external experts in crisis situations; (full text availably only in Dutch)

The central research problem is: What are the lessons we can learn from: (1) the scientific literature on crisis...

Research with publication | 30-01-2014

Free will and criminal responsibility; (full text available only in Dutch)


Publication | 28-02-2013

The Dutch Register of Expert Witnesses; (full text only available in English)

The Expert Witness in Criminal Cases Act, which became law on 1 January 2010, has brought about many changes in current...

Research with publication | 27-10-2010

Behavior reports and consultation in the adult criminal justice system

This study was carried out to examine the way in which consultation takes place in the adult criminal justice system with...

Research with publication | 23-01-2009

Forensic evidence

Publication | 28-02-2004

Harmonisation in forensic expertise; An inquiry into the desirability of and opportunities for international standards

This volume contains contributions regarding different aspects of the following questions: What are the differences and...

Publication | 01-06-2000

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