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Evaluation of the Bureau for Financial Supervision 2012-2016 (BFT); (Full text only available in Dutch)

The Bureau Financial Supervision (BFT) is responsible for the financial supervision and quality and integrity supervision of...

Research with publication | 08-08-2018

Legal professions in the future; Developments within the legal services of advocates, notaries and bailiffs

The present study provides an overview of trends and issues both inside and outside the legal professions. It examined...

Research with publication | 06-02-2017

Fees official acts judicial officers; Evaluative study of fees of several products (full text only available in Dutch)

This is an evaluative study of the current fees of a limited sample of ‘official acts’ that can be performed by a judicial...

Research with publication | 13-07-2016

Dispute settlement Delta MKB; on the occurence and settlement of (potential) legal problems in small and medium-sized companies (full text available only in Dutch)

This report concerns with Dutch small and medium-sized companies, the companies with at most 99 employees who jointly make up...

Research with publication | 05-02-2010

Evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Financial Supervision Office; (full text available only in Dutch)

This study was conducted as an administrative evaluation of the supervision strategy of the Financial Supervision Office. It...

Research with publication | 04-09-2009

Legal non-hierarchical disciplinary tribunals in the Netherlands 2001-2006

The main question of this research was as follows: What was the hierarchical nature and quantity of the proceedings held...

Research with publication | 15-11-2007

The judge as chain partner

This themed issue highlights the objections or arguments that may be voiced by partners in the administration of justice,...

Publication | 24-09-2007

2006 trend report concerning bailiffs; accessibility, continuity and quality of official services

The Dutch Minister of Justice is reponsible for the primary duties of bailiffs, because these duties are in the interest of...

Research with publication | 03-04-2007

Third-party funds; a survey amongst civil-law notaries, court bailiffs and solicitors

The evaluation study focuses on the nature and extent of the use of third-party funds accounts and on the usefulness of the...

Research with publication | 12-01-2007

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