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The Institution for Persistent Offenders; (full text available only in Dutch)

History and backgrounds of the current measure for persistent offenders in the Netherlands. 

Publication | 07-04-2009

Effect evaluation of the Rehabilitation of Drug-addicted Offenders Act (SOV)

The Rehabilitation of Drug-Addicted Offenders Act (SOV) was launched on 1 April 2001. This law permitted the compulsory...

Research with publication | 06-07-2007

First inventory of the presumed surplus value of the ISD-measure (Institution for repeat offenders) in comparison to the former SOV-measure (Court-ordered treatment of drug-dependent offenders)

For this research, the policy presumptions behind both measures have been recovered. Additionally talks were held with the...

Research with publication | 24-04-2007

QCT Europe: Final report: Constructing, producing and analysing the qualitative evidence + Final report on quantitative evaluation

The focus of these reports is to understand how court ordered treatments work. Much emphasis was placed upon what was seen as...

Research with publication | 05-07-2006

Process evaluation of the Court-ordered treatment of drug-dependent offenders

This is the process evaluation of the Compulsory Treatment of Drug-Dependent Offenders Act [Wet SOV], which relates to the...

Research with publication | 03-06-2005

A prototype of a generally applicable cost-benefit analysis computation model for the economic assessment of judicial interventions

Research with publication | 07-03-2005

Involuntary admission of drug-addicted offenders into therapeutic institutions

The reason for this literature survey was the submission of the bill Criminal Reception Addicts (SOV). The bill addresses a...

Publication | 01-09-1998

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