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Missing persons ; The regulation and legal consequences in comparative perspective (full text only available in Dutch)

Increasing attention has been paid to the position of missing persons and the effects upon their left-behind families over...

Research with publication | 18-12-2017

Problematic financial situation of undertakings and consequences of the employment-law position of employees; (full text only available in Dutch)

The study focuses on defining the state of affairs in practice, with the aim to provide insight into the role that the...

Research with publication | 24-05-2016

Labour migration; (full text available only in Dutch)

Publication | 02-10-2013

2006 Trend report notarial practice; The accessibility, continuity and quality of notarial services (full text available only in Dutch)

The entry into force of the Dutch Notaries Act in 1999 introduced greater free market operation in the notarial profession....

Research with publication | 01-04-2008

Users of subsidised legal aid; Insight into characteristics, problems and income position

Research with publication | 30-10-2007

Users of subsidised legal aid; Characteristics, problems and income position

Within the framework of a possible switch to a loan scheme for legal assistance, the question regarding (potential) users'...

Research with publication | 26-09-2007

2006 trend report concerning bailiffs; accessibility, continuity and quality of official services

The Dutch Minister of Justice is reponsible for the primary duties of bailiffs, because these duties are in the interest of...

Research with publication | 03-04-2007

Third-party funds; a survey amongst civil-law notaries, court bailiffs and solicitors

The evaluation study focuses on the nature and extent of the use of third-party funds accounts and on the usefulness of the...

Research with publication | 12-01-2007

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