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A matter of time?; Integration of refugees in the Netherlands: a cohort study (full text only available in Dutch)

What is the current status of the structural and socio-cultural integration of refu- gees who settled in the Netherlands in...

Research with publication | 07-03-2017

Vulneralbility and help-accepting behaviour after victimisation; (full text only available in Dutch)

If we assume that certain demographic and socioeconomic variables indicate vulnerability in victims and therefor represent a...

Research with publication | 12-05-2016

More juvenile suspects of crime, but why?; A study of the relationship between societal developments and changes in the number of juvenile suspects of offences in the period of 1997-2007 (full text available only in Dutch)

What developments at the macro level are related to the developments in the number of juvenile suspects in the age of 12 to...

Research with publication | 31-05-2011

Exploratory scenario study on the consequences of demographic, economic and social developments in the Netherlands for crime and capacity of judicial facilities

Demand for judicial products is partly determined by demographic developments, particularly the decline in the number of...

Research with publication | 17-12-2007

Justice and demographics: on declining percentage of youth, ageing and colouring; Changes in the population make-up and consequences for Justice

On 11 May 2006, the WODC and the NIDI organised a joint congress dealing extensively with issues surrounding the relationship...

Research with publication | 18-09-2007

Status and progress of the Integration Monitor ; Een theoretische verdieping en een thematische verbreding van de Integratiekaart 2006

The Integration Monitor gives an overview of the posititon of ethnic minorities in different social areas, and of the...

Research with publication | 24-05-2007

The Integration Monitor 2006

The Integration Monitor presents an image of the posititon of various ethnic minority groups in different social fields, and...

Publication | 06-11-2006

Demographic developments

The central theme of this issue is the influence of demographic changes in the Netherlands and the consequences for justice...

Publication | 18-05-2006

Estimation of the size of the population of Dutch Antilleans staying in the Netherlands without being officially registered

This report presents estimates of the number of Dutch Antilleans residing in the Netherlands without having been registered...

Research with publication | 24-03-2006

The Integration Monitor 2005; the social integration of migrants monitored over time: trend and cohort analyses

In 2004, work started on the development of an Integration Monitor. The object is to develop a tool that can be used to...

Research with publication | 20-09-2005

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