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Disputes experienced by small and medium-sized businesses; (full text only available in Dutch)

The study focusses on small and medium-sized businesses up to ten employees. These businesses are presumably more vulnerable...

Research with publication | 17-10-2019

The Dutch system for subsidised legal aid compared with Finland and Scotland; (full text only available in Dutch)

The Dutch system for subsidised legal aid differs from the systems in Finland and Scotland because of, among other things,...

Research with publication | 20-11-2017

In need of legal assistance?; (full text only available in Dutch)

The aim of this study is to provide insight into the (non-)use of legal assistance. The question of the AR has been broadened...

Research with publication | 01-09-2015

The quality services provide by lawyers and legal aid insurance companies; review and secundary analyses (full text available only in Dutch)

In recent years, various discussions took place in Dutch parliament regarding the status and quality of the legal services...

Research with publication | 23-03-2012

Costs and financing of legal assistance; Key figures 2000-2006

This overview examines supply and demand with respect to several forms of legal assistance and their costs from the...

Research with publication | 23-11-2007

Paths to justice in the Netherlands

This is a report of a survey among Dutch citizens into their experience with problems which might have a legal solution...

Research with publication | 14-05-2004

Legal aid system compaired : a comparative research into three legal aid systems

Research with publication | 12-03-2004

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