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Counterterrorism evaluation; Taking stock and looking ahead

Recent years have seen an uptick in terrorist and violent extremist incidents occurring across Europe. European countries,...

Research with publication | 25-10-2018

Interventions for young cybercrime offenders; (full text only available in Dutch)

Together with a strong increase in the use of the internet in the past decades, levels of cybercrime also increased strongly....

Research with publication | 27-07-2017

Family Group Conferencing in child welfare; (full text only available in Dutch)

In the Netherlands, the model of Family Group Conferencing (FGC) is increasingly used for decision-making in child welfare....

Research with publication | 25-05-2016

Family Group Conferencing in child welfare; A systematic review and meta-analytic study on the effectiveness of Family Group Conferencing in child welfare (full text only available in Dutch)

By performing a literature review and meta-analyses, the aims of the current study are to 1) describe the varying types of...

Research with publication | 07-05-2015

Ex ante research under view; numbers, types and use of ex ante policy studies by the Dutch government (full text only available in Dutch)

By ‘ex ante analysis’ studies are meant that regard the consequences of policy proposals. An aim of this report is to enhance...

Research with publication | 21-03-2014

No uniforms, but specialists - involvement of external experts in crisis situations; (full text availably only in Dutch)

The central research problem is: What are the lessons we can learn from: (1) the scientific literature on crisis...

Research with publication | 30-01-2014

Four police strategies against petty crimes; effectivity and positive mechanisms (full text available only in Dutch)

This report reviews empirical evidence for the effectiveness of four police strategies as well as the conditions under which...

Research with publication | 17-07-2013

What works in the Netherlands and what doesn't?; A meta-analysis of Dutch recidivism research into the effects of criminal justice interventions (full text available only in Dutch)

The international 'What works' approach involves the use of targeted, empirical research as a way of identifying the...

Research with publication | 25-03-2013

Self-reported problems following child sexual abuse; a meta-review (full text available only in Dutch)

The two main goals of the present study are: to conduct a comprehensive review of the lifetime prevalence rates of problems...

Research with publication | 16-05-2012

Results of Safety Houses in the Netherlands; a research synthesis (full text available only in Dutch)

Safety Houses are networks of local organisations working together to reduce crime. Criminal Justice Organisations cooperate...

Research with publication | 22-03-2011

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