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Blockchain and the law; An exploration of the need for regulation (full text only available in Dutch)

Blockchain is a technique from which much is expected and to which many qualities are attributed. Blockchain makes it...

Research with publication | 28-08-2019

The use of integral information access for the operational work of the police; (full text only available in Dutch)

The authors have investigated "the implementation of the BVI-IB and the results that the use of BVI-IB has for the...

Research with publication | 07-08-2014

Evaluation of the administrative debt regulation of the General Administrative Law Act; (full text only available in Dutch)

This report is the result of a broad study on the functioning of the administrative debt regulation of the Dutch Algemene wet...

Research with publication | 19-03-2014

Assessment of three acceleration-instruments in the General Administrative Law Act; (full text available only in Dutch)

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the functioning of three instruments which were incorporated in the General...

Research with publication | 15-01-2014

Administrative processing of the current procedures for confiscation and settlement of goods; (full text available only in Dutch)

The main research question is: What problems do the police experience in practice in the administrative processing of the...

Research with publication | 28-10-2013

Non-judicial activities of the Judiciary

What non-judicial activities are carried out by de Judiciary, for what reason, how much time is involved in the execution of...

Research with publication | 21-04-2006

Costs of informing registered

Research with publication | 15-03-2002

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