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Refugees in Europe; (full text only available in Dutch)

This issue of JustitIële verkenningen deals with the refugee problem in Europe. Als long as the war situation in Syria and...

Publication | 22-07-2015

Irregular Migration Routes to Europe and Factors Influencing Migrants’ Destination Choices

Het aantal vreemdelingen dat, veelal met gevaar voor eigen leven, probeert naar Europa te komen lijkt de laatste jaren sterk...

Research with publication | 08-07-2015

Representation of the West in post-Mubarak Egypt; (full text only available in Dutch)

It is of importance to have a thorough understanding of the way in which Europe – and in a wider sense, the West – is...

Research with publication | 07-10-2014

Counter-terrorism strategies in Indonesia, Algeria and Saudi Arabia

This report is the result of a year-long study, conducted from March 2010 to March 2011, of the counter-terrorist strategies...

Research with publication | 04-09-2012

From resilience to revolt; making sense of the Arab Spring

The purpose of this research is to provide a broadly-scoped understanding of the Arab uprisings, aggregating also what...

Research with publication | 19-07-2012

Jihadist organizations in Northern Africa; (full text available only in Dutch)

This report is an attempt to learn more about two terrorist jihadist groups "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb" (AQIM) and...

Research with publication | 14-11-2011

Divorce and parenting; (full text available only in Dutch)

Publication | 27-10-2011

Peace missions and capacity building; (full text available only in Dutch)

This theme is about: foreign development in Afghanistan, police officers on a peace mission in Eastern Europe, Sudan and...

Publication | 14-07-2010

Maritime piracy; (full text available only in Dutch)

Publication | 09-12-2009

Illegal arms trade; (full text available only in Dutch)

Publication | 25-06-2008

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