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The function of the police: various visions

The research consisted of three sub-studies, a study of relevant policy and research documents, two focus group meetings with...

Research with publication | 05-04-2018

Interwovenness of organised crime and terrorist jihadi groups regarding the procurement of firearms

The question if and how organised crime and terrorist jihadi groups are interwoven regarding the procurement of (automatic)...

Research with publication | 12-01-2018

Seizure and confiscation of criminal property

The research into the seizure and confiscation of criminal property in other European countries aims to answer the following...

Research with publication | 29-08-2016

Needs assessment on tools and methods of financial investigation in the European Union

The central question of this study is to assess which tools would help law enforcement best in stepping up the use of...

Research with publication | 24-02-2016

Evaluation framework for Dutch strategic country programmes in international police co-operation

Crime has evolved into a transnational phenomenon; no investigation into organized crime can still focus on a single home...

Research with publication | 05-03-2015

International Police Information Exchange

Het belang van informatie voor de politie is groot. Voor een effectieve uitvoering van haar taak is de politie afhankelijk...

Research with publication | 26-02-2015

The luster of the pearls

The first international ‘Pearls in Policing’ (PiP) conference was held In 2007. This conference, modelled on the Bilderberg...

Research with publication | 20-10-2014

Police anno 2012

Publication | 03-09-2012

How to maintain and improve mutual trust amongst EU member states in police and judicial cooperation in ciminal matters?

In this framework two report were written. The first one focuses on monitoring mechanisms in the First and Third Pillars of...

Research with publication | 09-11-2009

Improving mutual trust amongst European Union member states in the areas of police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters

The study was structured according to the following research questions:1. Which, content and process related factors hinder...

Research with publication | 09-11-2009

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