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Sexual violence

Internet sources in the Netherlands


Digitization of organized crime; (Full text only available in Dutch)

The digitization and the massive use of the internet have drastically changed society over the past decades. Heavy and...

Publication | 18-10-2018

Evaluation of the institute of the National Rapporteur on trafficking in human beings and sexual violence against children; (full text only available in Dutch)

On 1 April 2000, the Netherlands, as the first European nation to do so, appointed a Rappor-teur on Trafficking in Human...

Research with publication | 28-08-2017

Overhaul of the Dutch sexual offences?; An analysis of the Dutch sexual offences in terms of consistency, complexity and standards (full text only available in Dutch)

The leading question in this study is whether the state of the Title on sexual offences in terms of consistency, complexity...

Research with publication | 29-02-2016

The Decryption Order and the privilege against self-incrimination; Do developments since 2000 suggest a need to force suspects to decrypt? (full text available only in Dutch)

A study carried out in 2000 concluded that it is a major breach of the privilege to compel suspects to decrypt their data and...

Research with publication | 09-11-2012

Phishing, child porn and advanced-fee internet fraud; (full text available only in Dutch)

The central question in this study is: Which hypotheses concerning the cybercrime offenders and the crimes they commit(ted)...

Research with publication | 06-01-2011

An approach to organized crime in three experimental gardens; first findings (full text available only in Dutch)

Experimental gardens are learning environments aimed at intelligence gathering, in which the Public Prosecution Service and...

Research with publication | 22-11-2010

Duties of care on the internet from the perspective of internet service providers; (full text available only in Dutch)

This research focuses on duties of care as concerns the relationship between government and internet service providers. The...

Research with publication | 04-11-2010

Filtering and blocking of child pornographic material on the internet; Technical and legal possibilities in the Netherlands and other countries

The main question of this research is: What are the technical possibilities of filtering and blocking child pornographic...

Research with publication | 18-07-2008

High-tech crime, different crime types and perpetrators; A literature review (full text available only in Dutch)

The lack of knowledge concerning the perpetrators of high-tech crime and the involvement of organised crime is an important...

Research with publication | 15-04-2008

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