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The nature and prevalence of property crimes within marriage and registered partnership; (full text only available in Dutch)

The primary goal of this research is to: a) provide an approximate (rough) estimation of the nature and prevalence of...

Research with publication | 26-10-2017

Paths to Justice in the Netherlands 2009; (full text available only in Dutch)

This study is a follow-up of the 2003 Paths to Justice study. It provides a quantitative total overview of the so-called...

Research with publication | 05-02-2010

Users of subsidised legal aid; Insight into characteristics, problems and income position

Research with publication | 30-10-2007

Users of subsidised legal aid; Characteristics, problems and income position

Within the framework of a possible switch to a loan scheme for legal assistance, the question regarding (potential) users'...

Research with publication | 26-09-2007

The judge as chain partner

This themed issue highlights the objections or arguments that may be voiced by partners in the administration of justice,...

Publication | 24-09-2007

Forecasting model for the civil and administrative justice chains; Model improvements 2005/2006

The objective of this project is to arrive at an improved and extended version of the part of the Forecasting Model for the...

Research with publication | 01-08-2007

Enforcement of environment law; Comparing criminal prosecution and administrative sanctioning in The Netherlands

In this study, the central question is which enforcement instrument is most effective in what situation, when tackling...

Research with publication | 07-05-2007

Dispute settlement in the Netherlands; Civil and administrative dispute proceedings in the legal system

This fact sheet offers a limited overview of policy information about the use of various forms of dispute settlement, based...

Publication | 28-02-2007

The filter effect of extrajudicial procedures - an exploratory study

This exploratory study is aimed at a specific aspect of extrajudicial settlement of disputes: the further referral of such...

Research with publication | 28-02-2007

Evaluation of the Act 'opening civil marriage to same-sex couples' and the Act 'introducing registered partnership'

How does this legislation function in practice? Has this legislation attained the objectives that lay at the foundation of...

Research with publication | 01-12-2006

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