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Foster parents on custody and adoption

At the request of the Dutch State Commission on Changing Parental Relationships, Regioplan was commissioned to conduct a...

Research with publication | 08-12-2016

Supervision of the administration of minors’ assets by parents and guardians

The main topic of this study is the supervision of the administration of minors’ assets by parents and guardians. It also...

Research with publication | 29-08-2016

overview of methods and data sources that are suitable for an estimation of the number of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and child abuse

First, this study answers the question of whether the estimation study, as conducted in 2009, can be reproduced and improved...

Research with publication | 29-02-2016

Evaluation of the Halt Alcohol sanctioning programme

In the Halt Alcohol sanctioning programme, Halt and care organisations for addicts work together to provide young people who...

Research with publication | 29-01-2015

Evaluation Parenting Plan

On March 1,2009, the Promotion of Continued Parenting and Proper Divorce Actg came into effect. One element of this act is...

Research with publication | 20-12-2013

Halt updated

Juveniles aged from 12 to 18, who have been apprehended by the police for, for example, vandalism, shoplifting, firework...

Research with publication | 21-05-2013

Evaluation of the requirement for the presence of the parents in juvenile court

The 'Act strengthening the position of the victim' came into effect in its entirety on 1 January 2011. One component of this...

Research with publication | 19-03-2012

Obligatory presence of parents at juvenile court hearings

In an estimate of 10 to 30 percent of Dutch juvenile criminal cases at least one of the parents or the guardian is absent...

Research with publication | 17-02-2011

Process evaluation of the Halt Settlement Alcohol

The so-called Halt Settlement Alcohol has been applied since 2006. This intervention focuses on young people between twelve...

Research with publication | 07-02-2011

Obligatory and non-obligatory family counselling

The juvenile-court judge is entitled to place a minor under the supervision of the Youth Care Agency if the development of...

Research with publication | 21-06-2010

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