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The function of the police: various visions

The research consisted of three sub-studies, a study of relevant policy and research documents, two focus group meetings with...

Research with publication | 05-04-2018

Contract killings in the Netherlands

In recent years several contract killings in the Netherlands have caused major concern and indignation because of the extreme...

Publication | 11-10-2017

Current trends in society that effect community policing

The Dutch Minister of Security and Justice initiated a research project:To make an inventory of the main trends in society...

Research with publication | 01-05-2017

Police culture in action

The following questions were the starting point for this study:"How can the organisational culture of the Dutch police be...

Research with publication | 04-07-2016

Risk management 2.0: From risk-aware to risk-based in a political-administrative context

The research objective is to create an overview of relevant risk management standards and frameworks currently available,...

Research with publication | 29-10-2015

Reflection and action

This is a summary of the final report of a study on moral learning consultation (‘moreel leeroverleg’) within Dienst...

Research with publication | 16-07-2015

Labour market for Cyber Security Professionals

The following research questions are central to this study:To what extent can a possible qualitative and quantitative...

Research with publication | 06-05-2015

Professionalization of the special environmental investigative officials

The goal of this study has been to provide insight into the functioning of the new training programme and, more in general,...

Research with publication | 20-04-2015

Evaluation Dutch national expertise centre on diversity

In 2001, the Dutch National Expertise Centre on Diversity (Landelijke ExpertiseCentrum Diversiteit), hereinafter the LECD,...

Research with publication | 26-02-2015

The luster of the pearls

The first international ‘Pearls in Policing’ (PiP) conference was held In 2007. This conference, modelled on the Bilderberg...

Research with publication | 20-10-2014

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