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NeuroLabNL is the academic workplace for brain, cognitive and behavioral research. A workplace, because professionals from universities, colleges, knowledge institutes and societal organizations work together on research and knowledge dissemination about the brain, cognition and behavior.

NeuroLabNL is an initiative that originated from the Dutch National Research Agenda. The Dutch National Research Agenda was created based on 12,000 question to science posed by Dutch citizens. These 12,000 questions were then clustered into 140 sub-questions. NeuroLabNL has the goal to answer the questions on the functioning of the brain, cognition and behavior. Scientists from all over the Netherlands have together composed 4 agendas, focusing on the themes Education, Safety, Health and Fundamental. These agendas are complementary and form the basis for the most important focus points for neuroscientific research in the Netherlands. In collaboration with universities of applied sciences, knowledge institutes and societal partners, we carry out these studies in the coming years and put the current knowledge directly to use in practice.

The figureheads responsible for steering this workplace are Dr. Katy de Kogel (WODC), Prof. Dr. Andrea Evers (Leiden University), Prof. Dr. Lydia Krabbendam (VU Amsterdam) and Prof. Dr. Richard van Wezel (University Twente and Radboud University Nijmegen), in collaboration with Dr. Rob Heinsbroek (NWO).

As a program coordinator for the Start Impulse, Dr. Annelinde Vandenbroucke (Leiden University) is responsible for the daily management of the current research projects. The knowledge transfer through blogs is provided by Dr. Jiska Pepper (Leiden University | Science2share).

NeuroLabNL introductory movie

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