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Cybercrime in numbers; Exploring the possibilities to include cybercrime in the National Security Indices (full text only available in Dutch)

This study examines whether and how cybercrime can be included in the National Security Indices. Cybercrime is generally used...

Research with publication | Serial number: 2016-01 | 11-03-2016

The fate of the entry ban; A study into the implementation in practices and the perceived effects of the Return Directive in the Netherlands (full text only available in Dutch)

The European Return Directive was implemented in the Netherlands in 2011. This resulted in the introduction of the 'return...

Research with publication | Serial number: 2014-02 | 05-08-2014

The importance of protective factors in risk assessment of forensic psychiatric patients; (full text available only in Dutch)

In this report, the following research questions were asked: Does the inclusion of protective factors in the risk assessment...

Research with publication | Serial number: 2013-01 | 28-01-2013

The Dutch Recidivism Monitor; 4th, revised edition

In this 4th, revised edition of the brochure the method of the Dutch Recidivism Monitor is explained.

Publication | Serial number: 2011-03a | 15-08-2011

The decrease in the number of impositions detentions under a hospital order with compulsory psychiatric treatment; developments and backgrounds (full text available only in Dutch)

Detention under a hospital order (the so-called tbs system) is a treatment measure that judges can impose on defendants who...

Research with publication | Serial number: 2011-01 | 17-02-2011

Analyzing a complaint database by means of a generatic-based data mining algorithm

In this paper the researcher have analyzed the complaint database of the National Ombudsman who handles complaints with...

Research with publication | Serial number: 2009-03 | 28-04-2009

Entity reconciliation using object similarity; case 'matching person entities without the existence of a common identifier'

Research with publication | Serial number: 2009-02 | 28-04-2009

National studies on recidivism; An inventory of large-scale recidivism research in 33 European countries

This publication is republished in a new series: Fact sheet, nr. 2006-11.

Publication | Serial number: 2006-2 | 01-01-2006

Expenditure on crime in the Netherlands

This is an English reprint of Chapter 7 from: Eggen, A.Th.J., W. van der Heide (eds.) Criminaliteit en rechtshandhaving 2004:...

Publication | Serial number: 2006-1 | 01-01-2006