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Lessons from (evaluation) research into law enforcement

The WODC has carried out a research synthesis based on 31 (evaluation) studies that were published between 2002 and 2004 in...

Publication | Serial number: 2006-24a | 01-01-2006

Violence Defied Research Synthesis

These are the key findings of a report, containing a synthesis of 48 studies into the effects of the prevention of violence...

Publication | Serial number: 2006-23a | 01-01-2006

The European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics; 2006, third edition

The European Sourcebook comprises crime statistics for forty European countries. It contains data, where possible arranged...

Publication | Serial number: 2006-22a | 01-01-2006

National Drug Monitor; Drug-related crime 1999-2004

This is a summary of the most important results of the National Drug Monitor. What is the rate of drug-related crime in the...

Publication | Serial number: 2006-20a | 01-01-2006

Recent victim research

Evaluation of the introduction of written victim impact statements. Victims of serious crimes may now draw up a victim impact...

Publication | Serial number: 2006-19a | 01-01-2006

Organised Crime Monitor

The purpose of the Organised Crime Monitor is to optimise the use of knowledge gained during large-scale investigations to...

Publication | Serial number: 2006-18a | 01-01-2006

Business Crime Monitor 2004-2005 (MCB)

Summary of the results of the Business Crime Monitor (MCB) 2004-2005, which aims to establish crime rates affecting Dutch...

Publication | Serial number: 2006-16a | 01-01-2006

Dispute settlement in the Netherlands; Civil and administrative dispute proceedings in the legal system

This fact sheet offers a limited overview of policy information about the use of various forms of dispute settlement, based...

Publication | Serial number: 2006-14a | 01-01-2006

National studies on recidivism; An inventory of large-scale recidivism research in 33 European countries

Measuring recidivism is an established method for examining the effects of penal interventions. Over the last decades the...

Research with publication | Serial number: 2006-11 | 01-01-2006