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An alternative approach to the aetiology of crime

All theories of criminology should proceed from the assumption that crime is behaviour. Two important consequences result...

Publication | 07-02-1978

Research Issue

This publication contains a summary of research in the field of criminology going on in the Netherlands. Each year the number...

Publication | 30-09-1977

Influencing driver behaviour

This issue is dedicated to the subject 'Influencing driver behaviour'. The decision is actuated by the fact that in June,...

Publication | 30-05-1977

Research bulletin 1977

Publication | 20-05-1977

Basic police training en police performance in the Netherlands; Some preliminary findings of an evaluation study on police training

The main objective of the study is to answer the question whether the basic police training program prepares the uniformed...

Publication | 01-01-1977

Law and criminal justice towards research minded policy-making

Publication | 19-05-1976

Official police reporting of criminal offences

At the request of the Committee on Police Reporting of Criminal Offences, an opinion poll was carried out among public...

Publication | 27-01-1976

Analysing evaluative research; Paper presented at the Geneva Research Conference on Evaluative Research, held on 10-11 September 1975

This paper consists of three sections. The first will be about the present state of evaluative research. The second section...

Publication | 01-09-1975

Costs and benefits of policy

Publication | 30-12-1899


Within a matter of a few years, computer and Internet crime - also known as cybercrime - has become a phenomenon that every...

Publication | 30-12-1899