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Crime prevention in the Netherlands; Pilot projects evaluated

In 1985, the Dutch government launched a five year crime prevention program in response to the rise of crime. Since there...

Publication | 01-08-1992

Social caretakers and preventing crime on public housing estates

The Dutch government stimulated the employment of social caretakers on public housing estates. Besides other measures, they...

Publication | 31-05-1992

Initiation and continuation of a criminal career; Who are the most active and dangerous offenders in the Netherlands?

The results of the study presented in this report are based on the criminal histories of a sample of 4,026 people found...

Publication | 01-01-1992

The Dutch public and the crime problem

In 1990 the Dutch Minister of Justice introduced a policy plan in parliament called 'Law in motion; a policy plan for justice...

Publication | 31-12-1991

Drugs and drug policy in the Netherlands

The Dutch parliament enacted the revised Opium Act in 1976. This penal law is part of the Dutch drug policy framework that...

Publication | 30-11-1991

Victim services in the Netherlands

The introduction of guidelines on the treatment of victims of crime by the ministry of justice in 1986 and 1987 aimed at...

Publication | 01-06-1991

Key figures on the Dutch criminal justice system

This note contains statistical information on victimization rates, rates of reporting to the police, number of registered...

Publication | 01-05-1991

The Halt program; Diversion of juvenile vandals

This evaluation study concerns: a) a study among a sample of vandals who participated in the Halt program; b) a short...

Publication | 31-08-1990

Experiences of crime across the world; Key findings of the 1989 international crime survey

This report bas presented resuits from an international research project in which surveys were conducted with representative...

Publication | 01-01-1990

Women in detention

In this report the results are given of a research in three penal institutions for women. How do they experience their...

Publication | 27-11-1989