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Outsourced studies

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Externe publicaties

Animals Prohibited; Application of the Dutch ban on keeping animals (“houdverbod”) as a special condition attached to a suspended sentence (full text only available in Dutch)

Cruelty to and neglect of animals are criminal offences, in the perpetration of which harm or injury is inflicted upon...

Research with publication | 25-02-2016

Anonymity in criminal proceedings; Practice of the regulation Witness with limited anonymity and the regulation Threatened anonymous witness in criminal proceedings (full text available only in Dutch)

The aim of this study is answering the following questions: What does the legal framework of both regulations look like and...

Research with publication | 12-12-2012

Anti-gay violence; A literature study (full text available only in Dutch)

This is a survey of current literature discussing anti-gay violence. What is, and is not, known about this topic? What is the...

Research with publication | 20-11-2009

Antisocial behavior among children under twelve

This study provides an answer to the following research questions: what is the prevalence of anti-social behaviour amongst...

Research with publication | 08-05-2006

Appeal procedures : evaluation and reform

In this paper the recent changes in appeal procedures and proposals for change that are being considered in four European...

Research with publication | 15-09-2006

Appeals in administrative law in the Netherlands; Design of an instrument for empirical assessment and first run (full text only available in Dutch)

The purpose of the research project is to collect measurable data to assess the state of play in administrative law appeals...

Research with publication | 03-12-2015

Application of a simplified evaluation tool to decisions in the field of physical safety; (full text available only in Dutch)

This research addresses the question, to what extend quantitative methods and tools are used in practice to support the...

Research with publication | 14-02-2013

Applying double standards?; Discrepancies between immigrant pupils' grades in school-based and national examinations in Dutch Secondary Education

Research with publication | 16-06-2008

Arrangements made with regard to children involved in the termination of informal relationships

The purpose of this research is to provide comparative information for use in further discussions concerning whether the...

Research with publication | 22-01-2007

Assessment of the pilot of the National Toolset for the Juvenile Criminal Law Chain; (full text only available in Dutch)

The period from October 2009 to April 2010 saw the launch of the pilot for the National Toolset for Juvenile Criminal Law...

Research with publication | 10-11-2010