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Old WODC series - reports and journals in English

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A comparative study of the role played by the public prosecutor and the examining judge in the pre-trial investigation phase of French and Dutch criminal procedure

This is the first (interim) report in the WODC study into the role of the Public Prosecutor and the examining judge in the...

Publication | Serial number: 2000/03 | 01-01-2000

Expert meeting on pull factors in asylum seekers' choice of the Netherlands as country of destination

Following a motion by Rijpstra (TK 19.637, nr. 339), the Ministry of Justice organised an expert meeting on 18 May 1999 in...

Publication | Serial number: 2000/02 | 01-01-2000

Effectiveness of correctional treatment; A literature survey

This study surveys available literature to establish the proven or probable characteristics which penal interventions must...

Publication | Serial number: 2000/01 | 01-03-2000

One year Benefit Entitlement Act

Publication | Serial number: 1999/07 | 01-10-1999

The effect of experimental tape recording asylum seekers' interviews

Publication | Serial number: 1999/06 | 01-09-1999

Denying or confessing suspects; How many suspects tend to co-operate with police investigations?

The discussion of special police interview methods (such as the Zaanland interrogation method) involves suspects who fail to...

Publication | Serial number: 1999/05 | 01-06-1999

Informal value transfer systems and criminal organizations; A study into so-called underground banking networks

This report presents the findings of a preliminary study into what is commonly called 'underground banking systems'. As the...

Publication | Serial number: 1999/04 | 01-01-1999

Quality systems of the judiciary; An international survey

This report presents a 'quick scan' of literature on quality systems used in jurisdiction abroad. Quality in this survey is...

Publication | Serial number: 1999/03 | 01-05-1999

Recidivism research in the Netherlands; Survey of Dutch research of reoffending behaviour

In the framework of the Research and Documentation Centre’s Recidivism Monitor project, an inventory was carried out in 1998...

Publication | Serial number: 1999/02 | 01-04-1999

Involuntary admission of drug-addicted offenders into therapeutic institutions

The reason for this literature survey was the submission of the bill Criminal Reception Addicts (SOV). The bill addresses a...

Publication | Serial number: 1998/04 | 01-01-1998