Old WODC series - reports and journals in English

Old WODC series - reports and journals in English

Onderzoeksnotities, European journal on criminal policy & research, Dutch penal law and policy notes

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Organizational crime; Its nature, its causes and the way to handle it

This report contains the results of a study into organizational crime to construct a basis for tailor-made enforcement...

Research with publication | Serial number: 2002/8 | 01-01-2002

Consumption and purchase of cannabis by 16- and 17-years-olds

In response to a pledge made by the Minister of Justice during the National Juvenile Debate 2001, the WODC carried out a...

Research with publication | Serial number: 2002/7 | 01-01-2002

Cross-border voting in Europe; Final report

The aim of this study is to provide an overview of practice, experiences and legal obstacles in relation to cross-border...

Research with publication | Serial number: 2002/6 | 01-01-2002

Mediation in civil and administrative cases

The purpose of this study is to gain an overview of forms of mediation for civil and administrative cases both in the...

Research with publication | Serial number: 2002/5 | 01-01-2002

Juvenile crime & delinquency across borders; A review of juvenile crime and delinquency trends, legislation, policy, effective prevention and intervention outside the Netherlands

In the autumn of 2001, the Research and Documentation Centre was instructed to carry out, in the short term, a literature...

Research with publication | Serial number: 2002/4 | 01-01-2002

First phase of the evaluation research on the Preliminary Judicial Investigation Revision Act

The study concerns an initial exploratory phase of the evaluation of the Preliminary Judicial Investigation (Review) Act,...

Research with publication | Serial number: 2002/3 | 01-01-2002

A typology of car thieves; A preliminary investigation based on the WODC Criminal Justice Monitor and the Police Offenders Identification System

Car theft is a persistent problem in the Netherlands. In order to improve prevention and the tracking down of car thieves...

Research with publication | Serial number: 2002/2 | 01-01-2002

Homicide in the Netherlands in 1998

The actual number of scientific studies into homicide and manslaughter is limited, as detailed or structurally gathered...

Publication | Serial number: 2001/08 | 01-01-2001

Violence narrated; offender, victim and witness accounts of 'street violence'

This issue reports on the second part of the study into street violence between strangers. Part 1 (Violence, listed and...

Publication | Serial number: 2001/07 | 01-01-2001

Traject development in and around correctional institutions for juvenile offenders

From the viewpoint of programme development, the study aims to provide an insight into the current methods of operation and...

Publication | Serial number: 2001/05 | 01-01-2001