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Overige publicaties

The Dutch criminal justice system; third edition

This book covers both the organization of the present Dutch criminal justice system and the main procedures used within the...

Publication | 24-06-2008

The Dutch Recidivism Monitor; 3rd edition

This leaflet describes the WODC Recidivism Monitor, a long-term project that conducts standardised measurments of recidivism...

Publication | 13-05-2008

The international legal aid scene; a concise comparison

This is an overview and a comparison of legal aid systems in a number of countries.

Publication | 07-04-1994

Vallue-added tax fraud within the European Union; pilot study

This research project, to a certain degree, aims at filling the knowledge gap concerning organized business crime by...

Publication | 27-02-1995

Value-added tax fraud in the European Union

Questions addressed in this project included: What are the existing control mechanisms and how do they operate? What public...

Publication | 10-08-1996

Victims in the criminal justice system; A study into the treatment of victims and its effects on their attitudes and behaviour

The findings concerning how the introduction of new legislation and guidelines have effected the treatment of victims in the...

Publication | 06-03-1996

Victims of crime by intimates, acquaintances or strangers ; Differences in the contexts, experiences and needs of the judicial system (full text only available in Dutch)

A substantial part of all crime is committed by people who are not strangers to the victims. These suspects or offenders can...

Publication | 25-11-2016

Women in detention

In this report the results are given of a research in three penal institutions for women. How do they experience their...

Publication | 27-11-1989