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How jihadist networks operate; A grounded understanding of changing organizational structures, activities, and involvement mechanisms of jihadist networks in the Netherlands

This criminological dissertation seeks to understand how jihadist networks function and develop over time and aims to answer...

Research with publication | 14-04-2016

Juvenile delinquency in the Netherlands

The Dutch juvenile justice system: an introduction; Patterns in delinquent behavior; Causal factors: social control theory;...

Publication | 02-10-1988

Law and criminal justice towards research minded policy-making

Publication | 19-05-1976

Netherlands Drug Report 2018

Every year, the National Focal Points in the member states of the European Union report on the drug situation in their...

Research with publication | 07-06-2018

No time to lose; from reception to integration of asylum migrants

In 2015, the public debate was dominated by moving images of migrants making their way to Europe and by the concerned...

Publication | 15-12-2015

Operational surveillance of foreign nationals : evaluation of the powers of the police for the surveillance of foreign nationals in the Aliens Act 2000

Research with publication | 17-12-2004

Organised crime and law enforcement on St. Maarten

Organised crime on the islands of the Netherlands Antilles is a matter of concern for local government and society alike. The...

Research with publication | 08-10-2007

Prediction modelling for population conviction data

This monograph is concerned with different uses of prediction modelling on (Dutch) Judicial registration data. It covers the...

Publication | 24-03-2017

Recidivism 1977; rates of recidivism for persons convicted and persons whose cases were dropped in 1977 (indictable offences)

The data on recidivism of offenders convicted in 1977 were obtained and examined in 1983 to see whether they were officially...

Publication | 27-11-1989

Registered crime in the Netherlands 1965-1991

Publication | 12-11-1992