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Overige publicaties

Alternatives to prison sentences; Experiences and development

This study presents an overview of experiences with alternative sanctions in other countries with a view to the future...

Publication | 15-10-1994

Between prohibition and legalization; The Dutch experiment in drug policy

This book gives an account of the national Dutch drug control strategy. Many researches in this field are described. Most of...

Publication | 15-10-1994

Bootcamps and electric monitoring: the Dutch experience

This paper gives a short description of the programs and a brief discussion of the results of the experiments with a special...

Publication | 11-09-1997

Combating organized crime; A study on undercover policing and the follow-the-money strategy

This thesis presents empirical evidence on two counterstrategies to organized crime in the Netherlands: the criminal justice...

Publication | 06-01-2017

Crime and law enforcement; about victims, offenders and criminal law

This report contains a lot of data on the present situation in the criminal justice system. In the report comparisons have...

Publication | 15-08-1996

Crime prevention that works; the care of public transport in the Netherlands

An experiment has been carried out in the Dutch public transport system to tackle fare-dodging, vandalism and aggression. On...

Publication | 28-11-1988

CT Infobox 10 years; (full text only available in Dutch)

The Netherlands Counterterrorism Information Box (CT Infobox) was established ten years ago to improve the official...

Research with publication | 31-03-2015

Delinquent behavior among young people in the western world; First results of the international self-report delinquency study

This volume presents the first results of the self-report in 13 individual countries. A second volume will follow in 1995,...

Publication | 15-10-1994

Experiences of crime across the world; Key findings of the 1989 international crime survey

This report bas presented resuits from an international research project in which surveys were conducted with representative...

Publication | 01-01-1990

Government policies and sex work realities; Human trafficking in the regulated sex industry

In the Netherlands selling sexual services for money is accepted by law under certain conditions. Some sex workers, however,...

Publication | 06-04-2017