Making the police future-proof - Jv, 2017, nr. 4

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Making the police future-proof - Jv, 2017, nr. 4

Crowd control door de politie tijdens de Nijmeegse Vierdaagse

Almost 5 years ago a huge operation started turning the decentralized Dutch police into a national organization under the command of one national superintendant. There were high expectations, like more efficiency, better ICT and higher crime solving rates. However, the reorganization led to a lot of insecurity and job changes for police officers. It seems the reorganization has been done in too much haste, because five years later the police struggles with many problems, like lower crime solving rates, continuing ICT problems, a lack of higher educated staff and public criticism relating to integrity issues and ethnnic profiling . The central theme of this special issue is what can be done to solve these problems and make the police future-proof.

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