Documentary Information Division (DIV)

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Documentary Information Division (DIV)

The Documentary Information Division (DIV) is responsible for the internal and external communication and the dissimination of knowledge of the WODC.

Chief: P.F.M. Platenburg

Since 1949, the Documentary Information Division(DIV) has been collecting national and international literature on crime and delinquency issues and making these materials available to a broader audience. This extensive and state-of-the-art collection contains international academic and policy-oriented criminal justice publications. Subject areas include criminology and criminal justice, security and prevention, corrections, courts, crime, law enforcement, crime statistics and victims of crime (including victimology). In addition, the Unit collects data on ongoing and completed research.

Starting in 1987, abstracts of publications are stored in a digital database that is accessible from computers in the WODC library. Information analysts perform online searches of the database and produce bibliographies on demand. There is no charge for customised literature searches for those who work in the justice system in the Netherlands; searches are available to others for a small fee. Bibliographies on selected subjects can also be delivered on a regular basis. Other DIV services include library loans and photocopies from articles. More details about these can be found on the special Information Desk page. Users from abroad who wish to request photocopies of materials or borrow books and reports must contact the National Library of the Netherlands, the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. WODC publishes one professional journal: Justitiƫle verkenningen (Judicial explorations, 9 issues a year).

DIV is responsible for the editing of the journal Justitiƫle verkenningen. DIV plays a central, co-ordinating and facilitating role in the information process through its publication policy and by editing all WODC reports and journals. It also develops and maintains the WODC websites, both in-house and the Internet. In addition, DIV is in charge of developing websites and documentary information systems for specific target groups.