Research Divisions

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Research Divisions


Part of the research carried out for the Ministry of Security and Justice is performed bij two in-house research divisions:

  • Crime, Security, Law enforcement and Sanctions (CRS)
  • Justice Administration, Legislation and Aliens Affairs (RWI)

Each research division consists of a head and (senior) researchers.
Research teams are set up for individual research projects. Several means are employed to ensure the quality of research: examination of the methodological soundness of a project before it gets underway; consultation with extramural experts who serve on research advisory boards, and in-house peer review.

Research findings

Research findings are disseminated by several WODC publication series: Onderzoek en beleid (Research and Policy), Cahiers, Factsheets, by publishing in a professional journal and by presenting papers at seminars and conferences.
To guarantee its scientific independence, WODC has its own publication policy. Final responsibility lies with the director of the WODC. Therefore publications do not necessarily reflect the official position or policies of the Minister of Security and Justice.