Official police reporting of criminal offences

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Official police reporting of criminal offences


At the request of the Committee on Police Reporting of Criminal Offences, an opinion poll was carried out among public prosecutors and the police in order to ascertain how serious the various penal offences were considered to be on the one hand and what bearing a number of factors, inter alia the gravity of the offence, had on the detection and prosecution policy.A list of about 50 offences was used for the first subject and the persons interviewed were requested to jndicate the gravity of each offence on a 9-point scale. For the second subject a simulation experiment was carried out in which the persons concerned were requested to indicate for each particular case what kind of information they would require before they could decide whether or not to take action by preparing an official report.


  1. Introduction
  2. Definition of the problem
  3. How public prosecutors, the politie and the public evaluate the offences submitted
  4. Gravity ratings by public prosecutors, the police and the public compared
  5. Differences in rating within the public prosecutors group, the police and the public
  6. Criteria used in rating an offence
  7. The weight attached to each of the seven criteria by each sample group
  8. The simulation experiment
  9. Conclusions


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Buikhuisen, W., Dijk, J.J.M. van
Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
WODC-Reeks 06
Ra 1551

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