CCTV in public space in countries of the EU

Criminology and victimology / Crime displacement

CCTV in public space in countries of the EU


The use of CCTV in public space is currently a  topic of major public interest. A number of cities have placed cameras in public spaces or plan to do so. Yet expertise and know-how in the Netherlands on the conditions, regulations and effects of the use of CCTV in public spaces is very limited. There is a need, therefore, for a literature survey into aspects of camera supervision in public space in countries of the European Union with experience in this field. A number of research questions are central in this, concerning the purpose of camera supervision, the conditions, the implementation and the effects. Telephone enquiries made with the Ministries of the Interior or Justice (or both) in a number of countries revealed that CCTV is being used in public spaces in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Belgium and Finland and that relevant information is available. The practical experiences in these countries were studied. Since written information was not always present, use was also made of verbal information. In addition to analysing the literature on camera supervision in public space, telephone interviews were held with experts in this field in the relevant countries, combined with a visit to the ‘Home Office’ and a camera project in Great Britain.

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Meijer, B.
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The Hague
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Onderzoeksnotities 2000/05
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